Pre-Owned Aircrafts


Pre-owned Aircraft / Aircraft Appraisal

Single piston, single or double turbo, jets, rotary for corporate, charter, cargo, special mission or air ambulance.

Through our global network we have access to verified and evaluated pre-owned aircraft being on sale. If you wish to sell your aircraft or buy a pre-owned one, let us assist you by appraising the aircraft in question. Our network consists of aircraft brokers, specialized appraisers, escrow agents, &lawyers as well as ferry pilots.

Our primary objective in every deal is to protect your interest. We will be at your side from planning stage, documenting the entire transaction and getting the needed specialist on the table for you to facilitate your sale or purchase to the very best extend.

DISCLAIMER: Specification and / or description are provided as introductory information only and do not constitute warranties of NeBeSci, Inc. Verification of specification remain the sole responsibility of the buyer. All information are subject to final confirmation in agreements by the manufacturer.