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Flying a business aircraft is for the majority of developed corporations, commercial and private clients, even for government units an accepted and necessary way of transportation under consideration of their most valuable assets: people and time. The corporate aircraft has become a business tool already. Therefore, the purchase of your own turboprop or corporate jet logically looks as the proper further next step. Having the need for medical missions, air ambulance, surveillance missions or demanding a reliable transport for your cargo shuttles in e.g. mining or other sectors, the need is even more justified

Aircraft acquisition starts with a serious study of the aircraft buyer’s individual requirements like: geography of flights, maximum flight range, number of passengers to be carried on board, desirable flight deck layout and the cabin interior, baggage compartment volume / geometry.

Sometimes there are the situations when our customers meet not only the issues concerning an aircraft purchase but also selling it. This happens because of different reasons, mainly because our clienteles gradually like to own or have the need for larger planes.

If you wish to sell your aircraft let us assist you by organizing the plane’s appraisal; pre-owned aircraft marketing and further demonstration to potential buyers. Our network consists of specialized appraisers, lawyers, as well as international air craft brokers & ferry pilots

For many owners and operators of business aircraft, buying and selling aircraft is not their primary business and they rely on a team of experts to facilitate the deal. Our primary objective in every deal is to protect your interests and this means more than just properly planning and documenting the transaction but also working with specialist in our network.

MRO services including specialties are complementing our services. You find more information on those pages.
No matter if you are buying or selling an aircraft you can rely on NeBeSci Inc. , as we have the passion, knowledge and experience to access the best brands, approach the right contacts and adhere to the most stringent standards of safety and compliance. It’s all part of our integrated service and another reason why NeBeSci, Inc. is Aviation’s Trusted Choice.

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