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Heli-mats for Helicopter

This is a special constructed, lightweight & highly durable fabrics which is easy to deploy. The fabric won’t tear or fray and is impervious to petrol-chemicals. In extended tests using heavy helicopters the product demonstrated not only its ability to eliminate ‘Brownout’ (dust development) but also its strength and stability on the ground.

The 100-foot by 100 foot (30.5m x 30.5m) Helimat can be contained in less than 211 cubic feet / 6 cubic meters. It provides a stable, safe helipad in conditions made dangerous to man and destructive to machine – by dust and debris, snowfalls, mudslides, and bush-fires. It can quickly be laid down in and around medical and logistical installations and areas of relief operations to keep dust down.

Size of each segment: 6.x 6.1 meters / 20 x 20 feet

Sizing of the helipad is subject on the rotor span of each particular helicopter, with dimensions of the helipad approximating 6.1 m / 33 feet wider than rotor span, in all directions.

Example of configuration

– 30.5 x 30.5 m / 100 x 100ft

– 48.8 x 30.5 m / 160 x 100ft

is configured with 25 segments is configured with 40 segments
suitable for ‘Black Hawk’, ‘Huey’ or ‘Super Puma – suitable for ‘Chinook’

Flooring application

standards 3.7 x 3.7m / 11 x 11ft & 4.2 x 4.2m / 14 x 14 ft

landing mat

Helicopter Extraction Platform

It was designed for personnel rescue and deployment in extreme and dangerous environments. Originally designed to be used for deployment by helicopters, this Extraction Platform is now in service in marine rescue and on oil and gas platforms for transfer of personnel and cargo.

The innovative, unique design and flexibility in application makes it an ideal application in Military, Civil and for Emergency services. The Extraction Platform has been designed for use by a wide range of helicopters and won’t affect the helicopter’s flight performance. It can be deployed through the helicopter’s trap door, bottom winch or side winch on certified helicopters.

The 7 sqm platform enables operation in areas with uneven terrain; hills, deserts, urban zones, and also deployment and evacuation from ocean and aquatic environments. The open position of the platform is secured by an automatic locking system while personnel are secured to the platform by safety belts attached to the central pole of the platform.

Deployment or evacuation for up to 10 personnel The fly-away kit consists of

  1. Main lifting ring

  2. Shackle

  3. Braking

  4. BK Hook

  5. 25m (82ft) rope

  6. Rope bag

Weight: 52.6 kg / 115.9 lbs

Dimension folded: height 1.5 m / 4.9 ft, diameter 40 cm / 1.3 ft

Open diameter: 2.9 m / 9.5 ft; 7 sqm 

helicopter extraction platform2helicopter extraction platform3helicopter extraction platform1

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Remote Controlled Aircraft Tugs

For the safe maneuvering and parking of your fixed wing or rotary aircraft in the hangar, where tight space proves a challenge and risk of damages.

This remote controlled tug is easy to operate, secure for your aircraft and available for towing capacities up to 28, 39, 50 well as up to 195 tons.

A typically situation in a hangar – managed with a conventional tow tractor.

The biggest disadvantages are:
– All aircraft faces to the hangars gate because you have to consid­er the exit path of the tow tractor. Parking directly in hangar corners is impossible.
– The distance between the aircraft has to be acceptably big. Manoeuvring with a tow tractor means you have to move the machine to turn the nose wheel. Turning the nose wheel without moving the aircraft is impossible!
– You are not able to use your hangars full capacity!

hangar-situation-1 hangar-situation-2

Same hangar with electric wireless remote controlled mototok aircraft tug:
– Park your aircraft directly towards a wall or in the hangars corner. You don’t have to consider the exit path of mototok due to mototoks very compact design.
– „Stack“ aircraft – park your aircraft with extreme minimal distance. Mototok turns the nose wheel on the spot with no movement of the aircrafts fuselage or wingtips. Manoeuvring in extreme narrow situations is from now on no problem.
– Increase the capacity of your hangar up to 40% by optimizing parking space! See links below.

Picture6  Picture7 Cessna 206 Picture8 Eurocopter EC155 Picture9 Agusta 109

M 528—max towing capacity up to 28 tons – for small Business and Sport Aircraft

Picture10 Picture11 Super Puma AS 322 Picture12 aircraft carrier Picture13 Falcon 2000

TWIN 3900 SP-AD Flat —max towing capacity 39 tons

Picture14       Picture15 Gulfstream VPicture16 Bombardier CRJ 1000


TWIN 6500 AC-AD & AC-AD Flat — max towing capacity up to 50 tons
– the power for the big tasks

Twin wide 55 75 85 to  Embraer KC 390

Twin Wide– the tug for special demands.
This tug is designed for towing special aircraft like Embraer KC-390 or Lockheed C-130 (Hercules).
With a maximal width of its opening of 1425 mm (56.1″) aircraft with very wide nose wheel can be maneuvered

Picture17 Picture18 Airbus 320 Picture19 Airbus 321 200

Spacer 8600 MA
max towing capacity up to 95 tons


Picture20   747

Spacer 195
for very large aircraft up to 195 tons, e.g. ground handling empty like e.g. Boing 747 , Airbus 330


Helimo – The perfect tug for all skidded helicopter. Helimo can move every type of helicopter with skids regardless of obstacles such as cameras, radar, floats, winds and ­weapons mounted on the belly or skids of the helicopter. The helimo is universal and easily adjustable to meet the specifications of the helicopter.

With Helimo, you can pick up your helicopter by several different methods. You have the option of connecting to the skids from the outside or inside of its tubing with the helimo remaining outside your Helicopter either from the front or rear position. You also have the option of entering your helicopter under its belly from in front or from the rear and attaching to the skids from its inside tubing. It is possible to combine outside and inside attaching.

Picture21 Picture22 Picture23



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Aircraft Evaluation

If you wish to sell your aircraft or buy a pre-owned one, let us assist you by appraising the aircraft in question. Our global network consist of aircraft brokers, specialized appraisers & lawyers as well as ferry pilots.

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