RUAG / Switzerland & Germany


RUAG is a Swiss technology company, with its headquarters in Bern. It is classified as an Aviation, Space, Technology and Defence Company with production sites in Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, Hungary, Austria and USA, with sales companies in UK, France, Belgium, Brazil and Malaysia. It’s origins date back to the early days of WW I (1914) under “Eidgenössisches Flugzeugwerk” (F+W) (fr.: Fabrique fédérale d’avions)

The Dornier Do 228 NG is a twin-turboprop STOL utility aircraft developed out of the DO 228 in the 70’s.

It was manufactured by Dornier GmbH (established 1922). In 1996, the majority of Dornier Aircraft was acquired by Fairchild Aircraft, forming Fairchild Dornier. This company became insolvent in early 2002. Production / licences were acquired by US company Avcraft. RUAG acquired the rights on the DO 228. Other subsidiaries became part of the EADS.