ATS Airforce Turbine Service


ATS is a full-service FAA approved PT6A repair station with over 30 years of experience on all models of PT6 engines.

ATS operates out of a private runway service centre located in Tynan, Texas where a substantial inventory of major parts in addition to comprehensive on-site machine and test cell facilities are housed. Being actively involved in purchase and sale of PT6A engines ATC is the go to address if clients are looking to buy, sell or exchange engines.

An ATS technical support team is based in Selangor / Malaysia and available 24/7 for technical advise and field services if required. 

Engine Sales & Leasing

ATS maintains one of the largest replacement engine inventories in the industry and has the capability to quickly and fairly evaluate your core or mid time PT6 engine for exchange credit or outright purchase.

Additionally, ATS can offer domestic and international short to long term financing solutions to qualified companies and individuals. ATS guarantees direct deals as engines are owned by ATS. 

Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul

ATS provides domestic and international PT6 MRO services across all segments of the turboprop marketplace. As an independent repair and overhaul facility, the focus is on delivery of quality and efficient services to customers at one of the most competitive shop rates of the industry. 

Parts & Accessories

The PT6 parts inventory consists of OEM new, overhauled, serviceable and {MA alternatives. Additionally, established collaborations with wholesale suppliers enable competitive quotes of clients needs. Shipping contracts allow for alltypes of domestic and interenational deliveries including next day service. ATS OVH tags are 100% guaranteed. Should and overhauled part of ATS fail a secondary inspection, ATS will refund purchase prices including third party inspection. 

Independent Repair Station

Over 30 years of experience on PT6 engines helped to developed several proprietary MRO procedures that exceed OEM requirements standards. As an independent FAA Authorized Repair Station, ATS has the flexibility to offer Design Build Engines to meet flight profiles or price targets and / or the ability to offer FAA approved PMA alternatives to counter rising OEM prices.



Here is a short list of engine issues and problems that ATS is qualified to offer operator support :

100 Hour Inspection,   HSI,   Engine Logbook Review,   Prop Strike,   Wire Strike,   FOD Damage,   Hard Landing,   Sudden Stoppage, Hot Start,   Over Temp,   Over Torque,   Over Speed,   Starting Hot,   Running Hot,   Running Fast,   High ITT,   Metal in Oil,   Low Oil Pressure,   High Oil Pressure,   Oil Leak,   Corrosion,   Erosion,   Sulfidation,   Vibration,   Preservation,   Airworthiness Directives (ADs),   Advisory Circulars and Service Bulletins.

Engine Trend Monitoring:

ATS can work with your operation to develop a customized trend monitoring program designed to maximize the functional and financial potential of your PT6A engine(s). Additionally, trend monitoring can serve as an essential troubleshooting tool to assist in identifying potential problems before they translate into costly repairs.

Customized Maintenance Plans:

ATS can help you prevent the impact of costly overhaul expenditures by providing a customized maintenance plan for your engine(s). Taking the time to get to know our customers, their operation, and the environment in which they run their aircraft are the keys to providing maintenance solutions designed to keep operating costs down and planes safely in the air.

Training Programs for Fleet Customers:

ATS offers training programs focused on the basic principles of turbine operation / maintenance and the mechanical specifics of the PT6 engine. Our standard familiarization course teaches these principles utilizing practical examples that students are quick to grasp and retain. We also offer specialized hands-on training at our main service centre tailored to fleet specific operation requirements and procedures.