New Dassault Falcons Now Come with Aircare Med Services

Source: AIO / Chad Trautvetter – September 4, 2018
New Dassault Falcons will now come standard with Aircare International’s first aid and emergency medical services, materials, and training, the French aircraft manufacturer announced late last week. “After a review of what was available on the market, and taking into account the needs and desires of our customers, we determined that Aircare International offered the most complete suite of first aid services available,” said Frédéric Leboeuf, v-p of Falcon operational support.
Under the agreement, Falcon operators taking delivery of new aircraft will receive a standard first aid kit that complies with the requirements of their home country’s airworthiness authority laws and the customer’s language specifications, as well as a full day of training for all crewmembers on in-flight medical emergencies and proper use of the first aid kit.
In addition, new Falcon customers will have access to a 24/7/365 telemedicine hotline that allows flight crews to consult a medical professional for guidance during an emergency. The hotline service is provided by a dedicated network operations center staffed around the clock and supported by George Washington University Hospital. It caters to business aviation clients and covers medical emergencies and repatriation of clients who are injured or become ill while traveling abroad.